ADPRAC Advanced Assessment Nurses

ADPRAC Advanced Assessment Nurses

ADPRAC Advanced Assessment Nurses

We know what you need.

As an employing trust you want a agency member of staff that can stand alone. The sort of nurse that you can deploy to any area of your department, to peads, to resus, to majors or minors. It would be really useful for them to be IV drugs, cannula, catheter, ECG trained;
they should be able to be dropped into Rapid Assessment Points or triage and understand what investigations are most pertinent and get them ordered early on. They should know that not every chest pain needs Troponins or even the ED at all! But be able to pick out the sick ones, getting help, and initiating treatment quickly. They should be the nurse awaiting the asthmatic alert call with nebulisers and hydrocortisone out of the cupboard….

Often senior nurses on the shop floor need to keep an ‘eye on’ their agency staff but what if you could get staff that would be a second pair of eyes for the person in charge. ADPRAC doesn’t take nurses under band six level or without at least three years current acute experience.

ADPRAC nurses are an asset to the nursing and medical team they will be reflexive to the needs of the department and will be confident and capable of assisting in anyway necessary.

Does it always need a nurse?

No. Well not at least from our perspective.

At ADPRAC we also employ Emergency Department Practitioners. These are Operating Department Practitioners trained within a Emergency Department context. Think about it. One of the hardest places to staff safely is the resus room, and some staff that are most confident and competent in the highest risk procedures like Rapid Sequence Inductions are ODPs. We have a body of staff the EDPs that are suitable for staffing your resus room comfortably; they are all band six and above. It can be really difficult staffing resus with internal staff due to the high turnover of experienced staff in Emergency Departments but with ADPRAC EDPs you can deploy one to resus and they will supervise the entire area complimenting registrars or consultants working in that area.

All will be ALS trained are many are instructors.

Our final group of staff are the Emergency Care Assistants like every other member of staff they are the best of their staff group. These guys can do the RAT work like qualified staff they will bleed, cannulate, ECG etc they will also escalate patients that they are worried about to senior nurses or doctors in that area.

We have had a great reception for this staff group

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